Monster Mass Review

Monster Mass by Mike Chang: In-Depth Review

The new year has started and the internet has been blazing on all fitness categories related to losing weight and building muscle.  Mike Chang has created a new product to help skinny guys bulk up and put on some muscle fast.  Mike Chang’s Monster Mass has gotten waves of great press recently and we plan on going in-depth on why.

Our objective is to provide a complete analysis and review of Mike Chang’s Monster Mass.  This will not be a short review but rather a comprehensive review describing critical attributes of the Monster Mass program.  Some questions we will answer are indicated below.

  • Who is this Mike Chang?
  • What is Monster Mass all about?
  • What is included in the Monster Mass program?
  • What are some of the pros and cons attributed to Monster Mass?
  • Is Monster Mass worth the price?
  • What is our final conclusions on the Monster Mass program?

Who Is This Mike Chang?

Mike Chang is one of the world’s most well known internet fitness trainers in the world.   He has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight and get ripped abs with his well-respected programs Insane Home Fat Loss and Six Pack Shortcuts.  This year Mike Chang is focusing on helping another segment of his audience and that segment includes skinny guys looking to put on muscle.  Mike is definitely one of the guys and takes great pride in providing high value products to help improve people’s health and fitness.

What Is Monster Mass All About?

Monster Mass is a fitness program that focuses on building muscles fast.  Mike Chang focuses on a couple of key principles which are Monster Sets and Monster Reps. Monster Sets and Monster Reps are used to create short, intense workouts to help build mass quickly.

  • Monster Sets: Monster Mass is based on a revolutionary new exercise technique called Monster Sets. The scientific name for Monster Sets is “agonist-antagonist supersets,” and they consist of two sets of exercises done at maximum intensity back to back for opposing muscle groups. When you focus on working two opposing muscle groups with little rest between sets, this will allow your muscles to get the “Pump” that will allow you to build muscle faster.
  • Monster Reps: In order to build massive muscles you must lift heavier weights without compromising proper form.  You must have a weight that causes the last 2 – 3 reps of every set to be a challenge.

What Is Included In The Monster Mass Program?

Monster Mass Review

  • Monster Mass Workouts are available on the members website and DVD.  There are 8 full workouts ranging between 45 – 65 minutes.
  • Monster Mass Diet is a 2 hour video that shows you simple and effective eating strategies for gaining muscles.
  • 15 Universal Laws of Muscle Building:  This is provided as a 44 minute video and an e-book as well.  This will teach you high level muscle building exercise and diet tips that are used by bodybuilders and fitness models.
  • Muscle Building Vault:  Contains a library of high-quality instructional workout video’s and tips.

Free 30 Day Trial of Advanced Fitness Coaching:

  • Afterburn Fuel:  30 day supply of Mike Chang’s personal pre-workout supplements.
  • Advanced Fitness Coaching: You will receive a new DVD every month showing you advanced strategies for building muscle and getting ripped.  Each DVD has four episodes (one for each week).
  • 1-on-1 email coaching.  Your on-line fitness advisor will help you customize Monster Mass to your body type, lifestyle and fitness goals.

Monster Mass: Pro’s

  • Mike Chang provides a complete system that is beneficial for both the skinny guy trying to put on some muscle mass as well as athlete’s trying to increase their strength and conditioning.
  • Mike Chang and 2 other Monster Masser’s are demonstrating each Monster Set and with variations in exercises.  This is great especially if you don’t have access to the specific equipment in question for that workout sequence.

Monster Mass Workout

Mike Chang Monster Mass Review

  • Monster Mass members area will give you immediate access to all the workout video’s and tools.  The Monster Mass Diet in my opinion is one of the most valuable resources in this whole program.  That speaks volumes of the quality of the program when a secondary and tertiary item can be considered a stand alone product by itself and is offered with the whole package.
  • Mike Chang tells people straight up that this program is intense and if your soft hearted, un-focused, weak minded and a “Girly-Man” that this program is not for you.  This program is for those who are committed to putting on some serious muscle mass.
  • No Risk with purchasing this product.  Mike Chang offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If your not 100% satisfied Mike welcomes you to try it out at his risk.  Now that is strong belief in the value of provided by own system.

Monster Mass: Con’s

  • Monster Mass if done at home requires some equipment such as weights, exercise ball, exercise bands and optional adjustable bench, pull-up bar and e-z curl bar.  If you don’t have access to a gym or to these tools at home it can be an added cost to acquire the proper equipment.  But Mike Chang does give variations on exercises so you will still be able to get great results by implementing the Monster Mass program.

Is Monster Mass Worth The Price?

  • At the time of the writing of this review Monster Mass is priced at $97 and is said to increase to $197.
  • I did an analysis of what it would cost me to go to my local gym and get personal training and consult and the approximate cost per workout was between $35 – $60 per session.  Based on this I can get approximately 2 – 4 training sessions with a personal trainer at the gym or I can get Monster Mass and have a personal trainer permanently.
  • I feel Monster Mass is absolutely worth the price and the Monster Mass Diet and 15 Universal Laws of Muscle Building can both be stand alone products by themselves and are both included in the Monster Mass program.

Conclusion From Our Monster Mass Review

Overall, Monster Mass is a great program to help build both strength and muscle for skinny guys as well as athletes.  The workout video’s are very intense and will not only help you build muscle but also improve your mental toughness which will translate to a better body and more focused mind.  Monster Mass is really a steal at the $97 price and still a great value at the $197 price point.  If your committed to getting mass then Monster Mass will help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

To learn more about Monster Mass, check out this cool video description.

Mike Chang Workouts

Monster Mass Mike Chang Discount

Overview of Mike Chang’s Monster Mass

Overview of Mike Chang’s Monster Mass

Monster Mass is a specific mass building program designed for skinny guys.  Mike Chang focuses on key concepts and sciences to help you put mass on consistently in a healthy way.

Monster Mass Mike Chang

Below is a list of some of the key answers to some basic questions about Mike Chang’s Monster Mass:

Mike Chang Monster Mass Review

  • Mike Chang’s Monster Mass is a comprehensive program that contains everything skinny guys need to know to build muscle faster.
  • You’ll learn how to lift weights strategically as well as how to customize your diet to gain weight properly.

Monster Mass Mike Chang Review

  • One can build muscle by implementing Mike Chang’s Monster Mass program at the gym as well as from the convenience of your own home using some very basic equipment.
  • There are two variations based on the size of person’s home and their fitness budget.
    • Limited Equipment includes exercise ball, pair of dumbbells and resistance bands.
    • Complete Equipment would include all the Limited Equipment as well as an adjustable bench, chin-up bar and E-Z curl bar.
  • Work with what you got.  But keep in mind heavier weight will get you bigger muscles compared to lighter weights.



Monster Mass Mike Chang

    • Local Sporting Goods Fitness stores.
    • Craigslist
      • Of all the equipment the most important is the weights.

Mike Chang Workouts

      • Mike and his team do all the workouts with you.  It’s not demonstration only film but an actual training film.  Mike Chang is actually training with you.
      • Watch and implement.  Make sure you maintain proper form at all times.
      • Listen carefully as Mike will be giving a lot of tips.  This way you get the most benefit from this program.
      • Remember to always strive to have perfect form before striving to push too heavy of a weight.  The golden rule in bodybuilding is “Keep your form right and everything will be alright.”

Mike Chang Muscle Building

There are 2 key principles in Monster Mass that’s going to get you huge:

      • Monster Sets:  Where you are working 2 opposing body parts back to back with little or no rest in between sets.
      • Monster Reps: Making sure your weight is high enough that it challenges you.  Especially those last 1 – 2 reps.

Monster Mass Bonuses

      • The intensity of Monster Mass is no joke and you will be without a doubt, dripping sweat and breathing hard during and after every workout.
      • Mike Chang is a very knowledgeable and competent fitness advisor and he implements a brief warm up before every workout to help get your blood pumping and muscles loose.  After the warm-up you better be ready cause it will be an all out mass building session.
      • Concluding every workout is a quick but intense abdomen workout and a relaxing stretch to help maintain flexibility so you don’t build mass and turn into a stiff statue but build mass and maintain your flexibility and move like a graceful gazelle.

Monster Mass Review

      • Mike Chang has both brains and muscles.  I say this because his fitness systems are always about training both hard and smart.
      • Mike brings the intensity and focuses on form before how heavy the weight is thus causing people like you and me to get bigger and stronger while also preventing injuries.

Monster Mass Workout Program

      • Implementing a proper diet can be the portion of your workout program that requires the most discipline.  But don’t worry Mike Chang provides an incredible 2 hour Monster Mass Diet video that will keep you on the right track.

  • The Advanced Fitness Coaching offered by Mike Chang’s Monster Mass is legit.
  • With this option your going to get weekly videos.  You’ll be getting both nutrition and exercise tips that will help you maintain your focus and continue to build muscle in a healthy, efficient manner.
  • You have available e-mail consultation with a Monster Mass fitness advisor where you can expect a response to any questions within 24 hours.

Monster Mass Workout Review

Mike Chang Monster Mass Review

Mike Chang Monster Mass Review

Mike Chang has revolutionized home fitness and has brought tremendous value to people trying to get in shape as much as people who have plateaued in their fitness development.

Mike Chang Monster Mass Review

Mike Chang is the creator of one of the best selling abdomen programs on-line. Six Pack Shortcuts has created a huge following and is constantly growing.  Mike Chang does a great job of simplifying the complex and creating realistic fitness programs that will have lasting benefits.

Our intention for this post is to announce the next value based fitness product that will be available to help make 2013 your healthiest year ever.  We will be anticipating the launch of Monster Mass by Mike Chang in early January, 2013 and we plan on providing our readers a clear and objective review for Monster Mass.

Keep handling that business and hope to have you back for the review soon =^)

Monster Mass Mike Chang Review